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 14.1 Genesis
 In June 1991 I was maintaining many of the GNU utilities for the Free
 Software Foundation.  As they were ported to more platforms and more
 programs were added, the number of `-D' options that users had to
 select in the `Makefile' (around 20) became burdensome.  Especially for
 me--I had to test each new release on a bunch of different systems.  So
 I wrote a little shell script to guess some of the correct settings for
 the fileutils package, and released it as part of fileutils 2.0.  That
 `configure' script worked well enough that the next month I adapted it
 (by hand) to create similar `configure' scripts for several other GNU
 utilities packages.  Brian Berliner also adapted one of my scripts for
 his CVS revision control system.
    Later that summer, I learned that Richard Stallman and Richard Pixley
 were developing similar scripts to use in the GNU compiler tools; so I
 adapted my `configure' scripts to support their evolving interface:
 using the file name `' as the templates; adding `+srcdir',
 the first option (of many); and creating `config.status' files.
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