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 9.3 Configuring Site Details
 Some software packages require complex site-specific information.  Some
 examples are host names to use for certain services, company names, and
 email addresses to contact.  Since some configuration scripts generated
 by Metaconfig ask for such information interactively, people sometimes
 wonder how to get that information in Autoconf-generated configuration
 scripts, which aren't interactive.
    Such site configuration information should be put in a file that is
 edited _only by users_, not by programs.  The location of the file can
 either be based on the `prefix' variable, or be a standard location
 such as the user's home directory.  It could even be specified by an
 environment variable.  The programs should examine that file at run
 time, rather than at compile time.  Run time configuration is more
 convenient for users and makes the configuration process simpler than
 getting the information while configuring.   Variables for
 Installation Directories (standards)Directory Variables, for more
 information on where to put data files.
Info Catalog ( Package Options ( Site Configuration ( Transforming Names
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