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 20 The effect of `--cygnus'
 Cygnus Solutions has slightly different rules for how a `'
 is to be constructed.  Passing `--cygnus' to `automake' will cause any
 generated `' to comply with Cygnus rules.
    Here are the precise effects of `--cygnus':
    * Info files are always created in the build directory, and not in
      the source directory.
    * `texinfo.tex' is not required if a Texinfo source file is
      specified.  The assumption is that the file will be supplied, but
      in a place that Automake cannot find.  This assumption is an
      artifact of how Cygnus packages are typically bundled.
    * `make dist' will look for files in the build directory as well as
      the source directory.  This is required to support putting info
      files into the build directory.
    * Certain tools will be searched for in the build tree as well as in
      the user's `PATH'.  These tools are `runtest', `expect',
      `makeinfo' and `texi2dvi'.
    * `--foreign' is implied.
    * The options `no-installinfo' and `no-dependencies' are implied.
    * The macros `AM_MAINTAINER_MODE' and `AM_CYGWIN32' are required.
    * The `check' target doesn't depend on `all'.
    GNU maintainers are advised to use `gnu' strictness in preference to
 the special Cygnus mode.
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