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    DC is a reverse-polish desk calculator which supports unlimited
 precision arithmetic.  It also allows you to define and call macros.
 Normally DC reads from the standard input; if any command arguments are
 given to it, they are filenames, and DC reads and executes the contents
 of the files instead of reading from standard input.  All normal output
 is to standard output; all error messages are written to standard error.
    To exit, use `q'.  `C-c' does not exit; it is used to abort macros
 that are looping, etc.  (Currently this is not true; `C-c' does exit.)
    A reverse-polish calculator stores numbers on a stack.  Entering a
 number pushes it on the stack.  Arithmetic operations pop arguments off
 the stack and push the results.
    To enter a number in DC, type the digits, with an optional decimal
 point.  Exponential notation is not supported.  To enter a negative
 number, begin the number with `_'.  `-' cannot be used for this, as it
 is a binary operator for subtraction instead.  To enter two numbers in
 succession, separate them with spaces or newlines.  These have no
 meaning as commands.
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