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 19.4.6 Extra Data
 User-specific data can be stored in `yyextra'.
    In a reentrant scanner, it is unwise to use global variables to
 communicate with or maintain state between different pieces of your
 program.  However, you may need access to external data or invoke
 external functions from within the scanner actions.  Likewise, you may
 need to pass information to your scanner (e.g., open file descriptors,
 or database connections).  In a non-reentrant scanner, the only way to
 do this would be through the use of global variables.  `Flex' allows
 you to store arbitrary, "extra" data in a scanner.  This data is
 accessible through the accessor methods `yyget_extra' and `yyset_extra'
 from outside the scanner, and through the shortcut macro `yyextra' from
 within the scanner itself. They are defined as follows:
          #define YY_EXTRA_TYPE  void*
          YY_EXTRA_TYPE  yyget_extra ( yyscan_t scanner );
          void           yyset_extra ( YY_EXTRA_TYPE arbitrary_data , yyscan_t scanner);
    In addition, an extra form of `yylex_init' is provided,
 `yylex_init_extra'. This function is provided so that the yyextra value
 can be accessed from within the very first yyalloc, used to allocate
 the scanner itself.
    By default, `YY_EXTRA_TYPE' is defined as type `void *'.  You may
 redefine this type using `%option extra-type="your_type"' in the
          /* An example of overriding YY_EXTRA_TYPE. */
          #include <sys/stat.h>
          #include <unistd.h>
          %option reentrant
          %option extra-type="struct stat *"
          __filesize__     printf( "%ld", yyextra->st_size  );
          __lastmod__      printf( "%ld", yyextra->st_mtime );
          void scan_file( char* filename )
              yyscan_t scanner;
              struct stat buf;
              FILE *in;
              in = fopen( filename, "r" );
              stat( filename, &buf );
              yylex_init_extra( buf, &scanner );
              yyset_in( in, scanner );
              yylex( scanner );
              yylex_destroy( scanner );
              fclose( in );
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