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 Macros defined by all objects
    There are three macros that are defined by all object types. The
 first two are used for performing casts and the last is for querying
 whether an object is of a particular type. These macros are both
 conveniences and debugging tools. If the GTK library was compiled with
 `NDEBUG' defined as a preprocessor symbol (via the -DNDEBUG to cc),
 then the macros check the object type and emit a warning if the cast is
 invalid. Doing such checking is fairly expensive since the cast macros
 are used everywhere in GTK and would normally be turned off in a public
 release of a product. Note: The functions below are indeed macros, but
 they may be considered functions for most purposes.
  - Function: Gtk<ObjectType>* GTK_<OBJECT_TYPE> (gpointer OBJ)
      Cast a generic pointer to `Gtk<ObjectType>*'. This function is
      provided in order to be able to provide checking during development
      stages of code development since it is possible to examine the
      actual type of object (using `gtk_type_is_a') before performing
      the cast.
  - Function: Gtk<ObjectType>Class* GTK_<OBJECT_TYPE>_CLASS (gpointer
      Cast a generic pointer to `Gtk<ObjectType>Class*'. Like
      `GTK_<ObjectType>', this function is, in reality, a macro.
  - Function: gint GTK_IS_<ObjectType> (gpointer OBJ)
      Determine if a generic pointer refers to a `Gtk<ObjectType>'
      object. This function is, in reality, a macro wrapper around the
      `gtk_type_is_a' function ( Types).
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