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 5.3 Linking Programs With Guile
 The Guile interpreter is available as an object library, to be linked
 into applications using Scheme as a configuration or extension
 language.  This chapter covers the mechanics of linking your program
 with Guile on a typical POSIX system.
    Parts III and IV of this manual describe the C functions Guile
 provides.  Furthermore, any Scheme function described in this manual as
 a "Primitive" is also callable from C; see  Primitives.
    The header file `<libguile.h>' provides declarations for all of
 Guile's functions and constants.  You should `#include' it at the head
 of any C source file that uses identifiers described in this manual.
 Once you've compiled your source files, you need to link them against
 the Guile object code library, `libguile'.
    On most systems, you should not need to tell the compiler and linker
 explicitly where they can find `libguile.h' and `libguile'.  When Guile
 has been installed in a peculiar way, or when you are on a peculiar
 system, things might not be so easy and you might need to pass
 additional `-I' or `-L' options to the compiler.  Guile provides the
 utility program `guile-config' to help you find the right values for
 these options.  You would typically run `guile-config' during the
 configuration phase of your program and use the obtained information in
 the Makefile.


* Guile Initialization Functions  What to call first.
* A Sample Guile Main Program  Sources and makefiles.
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