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Info Catalog ( Unpacking the SCM type ( Immediate objects Relationship between `SCM' and `scm_t_bits'
 A variable of type `SCM' is guaranteed to hold a valid Scheme object.
 A variable of type `scm_t_bits', on the other hand, may hold a
 representation of a `SCM' value as a C integral type, but may also hold
 any C value, even if it does not correspond to a valid Scheme object.
    For a variable X of type `SCM', the Scheme object's type information
 is stored in a form that is not directly usable.  To be able to work on
 the type encoding of the scheme value, the `SCM' variable has to be
 transformed into the corresponding representation as a `scm_t_bits'
 variable Y by using the `SCM_UNPACK' macro.  Once this has been done,
 the type of the scheme object X can be derived from the content of the
 bits of the `scm_t_bits' value Y, in the way illustrated by the example
 earlier in this chapter ( Cheaper Pairs).  Conversely, a valid
 bit encoding of a Scheme value as a `scm_t_bits' variable can be
 transformed into the corresponding `SCM' value using the `SCM_PACK'
  -- Macro: scm_t_bits SCM_UNPACK (SCM X)
      Transforms the `SCM' value X into its representation as an
      integral type.  Only after applying `SCM_UNPACK' it is possible to
      access the bits and contents of the `SCM' value.
  -- Macro: SCM SCM_PACK (scm_t_bits X)
      Takes a valid integral representation of a Scheme object and
      transforms it into its representation as a `SCM' value.
Info Catalog ( Unpacking the SCM type ( Immediate objects
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