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 39.11.13 Replicate/Rotate
 These procedures are special substring procedures, which can also be
 used for replicating strings.  They are a bit tricky to use, but
 consider this code fragment, which replicates the input string `"foo"'
 so often that the resulting string has a length of six.
      (xsubstring "foo" 0 6)
  -- Scheme Procedure: xsubstring s from [to start end]
      This is the _extended substring_ procedure that implements
      replicated copying of a substring of some string.
      S is a string, START and END are optional arguments that demarcate
      a substring of S, defaulting to 0 and the length of S.  Replicate
      this substring up and down index space, in both the positive and
      negative directions.  `xsubstring' returns the substring of this
      string beginning at index FROM, and ending at TO, which defaults
      to FROM + (END - START).
  -- Scheme Procedure: string-xcopy! target tstart s sfrom [sto start
      Exactly the same as `xsubstring', but the extracted text is
      written into the string TARGET starting at index TSTART.  The
      operation is not defined if `(eq?  TARGET S)' or these arguments
      share storage - you cannot copy a string on top of itself.
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