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 39.11.5 Selection
 These procedures are called "selectors", because they access
 information about the string or select pieces of a given string.
    Additional selector procedures are documented in the Strings section
 ( String Selection), like `string-length' or `string-ref'.
    `string-copy' is also available in core Guile, but this version
 accepts additional start/end indices.
  -- Scheme Procedure: string-copy str [start end]
      Return a freshly allocated copy of the string STR.  If given,
      START and END delimit the portion of STR which is copied.
  -- Scheme Procedure: substring/shared str start [end]
      Like `substring', but the result may share memory with the
      argument STR.
  -- Scheme Procedure: string-copy! target tstart s [start end]
      Copy the sequence of characters from index range [START, END) in
      string S to string TARGET, beginning at index TSTART.  The
      characters are copied left-to-right or right-to-left as needed -
      the copy is guaranteed to work, even if TARGET and S are the same
      string.  It is an error if the copy operation runs off the end of
      the target string.
  -- Scheme Procedure: string-take s n
  -- Scheme Procedure: string-take-right s n
      Return the N first/last characters of S.
  -- Scheme Procedure: string-drop s n
  -- Scheme Procedure: string-drop-right s n
      Return all but the first/last N characters of S.
  -- Scheme Procedure: string-pad s len [chr start end]
  -- Scheme Procedure: string-pad-right s len [chr start end]
      Take that characters from START to END from the string S and
      return a new string, right(left)-padded by the character CHR to
      length LEN.  If the resulting string is longer than LEN, it is
      truncated on the right (left).
  -- Scheme Procedure: string-trim s [char_pred start end]
  -- Scheme Procedure: string-trim-right s [char_pred start end]
  -- Scheme Procedure: string-trim-both s [char_pred start end]
      Trim S by skipping over all characters on the left/right/both
      sides of the string that satisfy the parameter CHAR_PRED:
         * if it is the character CH, characters equal to CH are trimmed,
         * if it is a procedure PRED characters that satisfy PRED are
         * if it is a character set, characters in that set are trimmed.
      If called without a CHAR_PRED argument, all whitespace is trimmed.
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