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 36.3 Strange Variations on `eval'
 `eval2' was useful in previous Guile releases because the `eval' in
 those releases was a single argument `eval' that did not conform to
 R5RS.  Guile's standard `eval' now requires a second
 environment-specifier argument (which Guile interprets as the module in
 which to evaluate the specified code expression).  Hence `eval' is now
 R5RS-compliant, and `eval2' is obsolete and therefore deprecated.
  -- Deprecated Scheme Procedure: eval2 obj env_thunk
  -- Deprecated C Function: scm_eval2 (obj, env_thunk)
      Evaluate EXP, a Scheme expression, in the environment designated
      by LOOKUP, a symbol-lookup function.  Do not use this version of
      eval, it does not play well with the module system.  Use `eval' or
      `primitive-eval' instead.
    In previous Guile releases, the implementation of expressions like
 `(eval (read port))' was deficient in that source properties associated
 with the expression returned by the `read' would be lost during the
 `eval'.  To provide a way of performing a read and evaluation without
 losing source properties, `read-and-eval!' was invented.
    In this Guile release, evaluation always preserves source property
 information.  So `read-and-eval!' is now unnecessary.
  -- Deprecated Scheme Procedure: read-and-eval! [port]
  -- Deprecated C Function: scm_read_and_eval_x (port)
      Read a form from PORT (standard input by default), and evaluate it
      (memoizing it in the process) in the top-level environment.  If no
      data is left to be read from PORT, an `end-of-file' error is
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