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 1.2 Implementation issues
 The following issues need to be addressed in any reusable shared library
 system, specifically libtool:
   1. The package installer should be able to control what sort of
      libraries are built.
   2. It can be tricky to run dynamically linked programs whose
      libraries have not yet been installed.  `LD_LIBRARY_PATH' must be
      set properly (if it is supported), or programs fail to run.
   3. The system must operate consistently even on hosts which don't
      support shared libraries.
   4. The commands required to build shared libraries may differ wildly
      from host to host.  These need to be determined at configure time
      in a consistent way.
   5. It is not always obvious with which suffix a shared library should
      be installed.  This makes it difficult for `Makefile' rules, since
      they generally assume that file names are the same from host to
   6. The system needs a simple library version number abstraction, so
      that shared libraries can be upgraded in place.  The programmer
      should be informed how to design the interfaces to the library to
      maximize binary compatibility.
   7. The install `Makefile' target should warn the package installer to
      set the proper environment variables (`LD_LIBRARY_PATH' or
      equivalent), or run `ldconfig'.
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