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 10 Character Set Support


* Charset-general             Character Sets and Collations in General
* Charset-MySQL               Character Sets and Collations in MySQL
* Charset-defaults            Determining the Default Character Set and Collation
* Charset-operations          Operations Affected by Character Set Support
* Charset-Unicode             Unicode Support
* Charset-metadata            UTF8 for Metadata
* Charset-compatibility       Compatibility with Other DBMSs
* Charset-config-file         New Character Set Configuration File Format
* Charset-national            National Character Set
* Charset-upgrading           Upgrading Character Sets from MySQL 4.0
* Charset-charsets            Character Sets and Collations That MySQL Supports
 Improved support for character set handling was added to MySQL in
 Version 4.1.  The features described here are as implemented in MySQL
 4.1.1.  (MySQL 4.1.0 has some but not all of these features, and some
 of them are implemented differently.)
 This chapter discusses the following topics:
    * What are character sets and collations?
    * The multiple-level default system
    * New syntax in MySQL 4.1
    * Affected functions and operations
    * Unicode support
    * The meaning of each individual character set and collation
 Character set support currently is included in the `MyISAM', `MEMORY'
 (`HEAP'), and (as of MySQL 4.1.2) `InnoDB' storage engines.  The `ISAM'
 storage engine does not include character set support; there are no
 plans to change this, because `ISAM' is deprecated.
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