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 6.6.4 System interface
 Questions of system interface generally fall outside of the domain of
 this report.  However, the following operations are important enough to
 deserve description here.
  -- optional procedure: load filename
      FILENAME should be a string naming an existing file containing
      Scheme source code.  The `load' procedure reads expressions and
      definitions from the file and evaluates them sequentially.  It is
      unspecified whether the results of the expressions are printed.
      The `load' procedure does not affect the values returned by
      `current-input-port' and `current-output-port'.  `Load' returns an
      unspecified value.
           _Rationale:_ For portability, `load' must operate on source
           files.  Its operation on other kinds of files necessarily
           varies among implementations.
  -- optional procedure: transcript-on filename
  -- optional procedure: transcript-off
      FILENAME must be a string naming an output file to be created. The
      effect of `transcript-on' is to open the named file for output,
      and to cause a transcript of subsequent interaction between the
      user and the Scheme system to be written to the file.  The
      transcript is ended by a call to `transcript-off', which closes the
      transcript file.  Only one transcript may be in progress at any
      time, though some implementations may relax this restriction.  The
      values returned by these procedures are unspecified.
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