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 2.4.12 Alternate Interface
 An alternate interface is available to plain `readline()'.  Some
 applications need to interleave keyboard I/O with file, device, or
 window system I/O, typically by using a main loop to `select()' on
 various file descriptors.  To accomodate this need, readline can also
 be invoked as a `callback' function from an event loop.  There are
 functions available to make this easy.
  -- Function: void rl_callback_handler_install (const char *prompt,
           rl_vcpfunc_t *lhandler)
      Set up the terminal for readline I/O and display the initial
      expanded value of PROMPT.  Save the value of LHANDLER to use as a
      function to call when a complete line of input has been entered.
      The function takes the text of the line as an argument.
  -- Function: void rl_callback_read_char (void)
      Whenever an application determines that keyboard input is
      available, it should call `rl_callback_read_char()', which will
      read the next character from the current input source.  If that
      character completes the line, `rl_callback_read_char' will invoke
      the LHANDLER function saved by `rl_callback_handler_install' to
      process the line.  Before calling the LHANDLER function, the
      terminal settings are reset to the values they had before calling
      `rl_callback_handler_install'.  If the LHANDLER function returns,
      the terminal settings are modified for Readline's use again.
      `EOF' is  indicated by calling LHANDLER with a `NULL' line.
  -- Function: void rl_callback_handler_remove (void)
      Restore the terminal to its initial state and remove the line
      handler.  This may be called from within a callback as well as
      independently.  If the LHANDLER installed by
      `rl_callback_handler_install' does not exit the program, either
      this function or the function referred to by the value of
      `rl_deprep_term_function' should be called before the program
      exits to reset the terminal settings.
Info Catalog ( Miscellaneous Functions ( Readline Convenience Functions ( A Readline Example
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