quot -- summarize filesystem ownership


/usr/bin/quot [ -cfnUv ] [ -i vol[,vol ... ] ] [ -p passwdfile ] [ -u nouser ]
[ filesystem ]


quot prints the number of physical blocks in the named filesystem currently owned by each user. If no filesystem is named, the filesystems given in /etc/mnttab are examined.

The following options are available:

Print three columns giving file size in blocks, number of files of that size, and cumulative total of blocks in files of that size or smaller. Data for files greater than 998 physical blocks in size (equivalent to 499 logical blocks) is included in the figures for files that occupy exactly 998 physical blocks.

Print a count of the number of files as well as space owned by each user.

-i vol[,vol ... ]
Ignore the data on the named filesystems (vols). The list of filesystem names must be separated by commas, or can be separated by spaces if enclosed within quotes. quot compares each name in this list with the filesystem name stored in the volume ID (see labelit(ADM)).

Process standard input.

-p passwdfile
Use passwdfile as the name of the password file to generate login names; /etc/passwd is used by default.

-u nouser
Write records to nouser of files that are not owned by any user in the password file. Records consist of the special filename, the inode number, and the user ID.

Output is in the format of diskusg(ADM), is not sorted, and is a running total (not per filesystem). Print each user's ID (UID) in addition to their name.

Verbose: print a list on standard error of all files that are not owned by any user in the password file.


Produce a list of all files and their owners:

ncheck filesystem | sort +0n | quot -n filesystem


Holes in files are counted as if they actually occupy space.

quot reports the number of 512-byte physical blocks.

See also ``Limitations'' under mount(ADM).


gets user names

contains list of mounted filesystems

See also

diskusg(ADM), du(C), ls(C)

Standards conformance

quot is not part of any currently supported standard; it is an extension of AT&T System V provided by The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
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