rundig -- DocView search indexing utility


/usr/lib/docview/conf/rundig [-i] [-a] [-s] [ -v] [ -d]


The rundig command is used to generate the search index used by the ht://dig search engine for the DocView online documentation system. It scans files on the DocView http server on the current machine, and then merges the found words into the ht://dig database files.

The scanning process is controlled by a configuration file /usr/lib/docview/en/htdig.conf. That file indicates the main server URL, as well as options for controlling how indexing takes place. The standard ht://dig documentation describes all the configuration options; see

The rundig process indexes all of the documentation that is referenced by links from the DocView homepage, except for links that go off the current machine. The indexing process can take a long time, depending on the amount of installed documentation and the speed of the machine. Without the -v option, the process gives no indication that it is proceeding, except that the database files continue to grow.

The generated indexes can be quite large, possibly over 100 MB depending on how much documentation is installed on the system.

The first time rundig is executed, it completes the ht://dig configuration for the current machine. It copies the configuration template file from /usr/lib/docview/conf/templates/ and inserts information for the current machine. The configuration step is not performed after the first execution.

The rundig command should be run again whenever new documentation is added to DocView. The reindexing process is faster than the initial indexing.

The rundig command takes the following options:

Builds a complete new index, not an update. It deletes the old data files before it begins, so the search system is not available during indexing.

Keeps old files while indexing (requires much disk space).

Prints statistics after completion.

Verbose output.

Full debug output.


main indexing script

ht://dig configuration file

list of words to omit from the index

generated search index database files

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