Running remote programs

Running clients with the -display option

The X clients supplied with the system accept the standard ``Xt'' command line options, including the -display option, which allows you to direct the output of the client to a specific X server when you start the client. Use the following command line syntax:

client -display displayname

Display names are specified in the following form:


See ``Running clients with the DISPLAY environment variable'' for more information on how to set displayname.

You can use the above syntax regardless of whether you are executing the client while logged in to the host through rlogin or telnet, or through rcmd. For example, if you are running the :0 server on boston and want to run the xclock client on tusconey, run the following command from boston:

rcmd tusconey "/usr/bin/X11/xclock -display boston:0" &

Similarly, if you log in to tusconey with rlogin or telnet, execute the following command:

/usr/bin/X11/xclock -display boston:0 &

Note that in the above cases, the ampersand (&) runs the client in the background so that you do not have to close the client to get your command line back. You can close the client with the Window menu or by typing <Alt><F4>.

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