Changing fonts

Listing font server fonts with fslsfonts

If you are using the font server (fs), use the following command to fonts available from the font server:

fslsfonts -server hostname:port | more

Replace hostname with the name of the host that is providing font service. Use localhost if you want to query the font server on the local machine. For the port address port, use the default of 7000, unless that default is changed.

This command is described in greater detail in the next section.

Running fslsfonts

When you run the fslsfonts client, you get a listing of the fonts that are available from the X server. The fslsfonts client can only list fonts that are located in directories specified in the font server configuration file /usr/lib/X11/fs/config. If you have font directories on your system that the font server is not configured to use the fonts located in those directories are not displayed.

Because there are so many available fonts, even if the font server is configured for the default fonts on the system, you should use a paging command when you run fslsfonts.

The fslsfonts client lists each font by its complete font name. For example, you might see output such as:


If you want to view fonts on a specific server, use the -server option:

fslsfonts -server hostname:port | more

The hostname is the name of the host machine running the font server. The port option specifies the TCP port to which the font server connects. By default this is port 7000.

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