Configuring window size and location

Specifying geometry from the command line

You can specify geometry settings for client windows from the command line. If you specify a geometry specification from the command line, the setting only exists for the current invocation of the client. Subsequent sessions return to the default geometry specification for the client.

NOTE: If you are using scosession and you end your current session with a client that was run from the command line still open on the display, the client is restored when you resume your session. Any command line options that were used to define the client are also restored. In this way, command line options can define client behavior on a more permanent basis.

To configure a different window geometry from the command line, use the following command line option when launching a client from the scoterm window:

client -geometry [widthxheight][±xoff±yoff]

client refers to the binary name or the class name of the client you want to affect. width and height are the arguments to -geometry, representing the size of the client window. The xoff and yoff arguments represent the x and y coordinates of the client window, respectively.

The -geometry option can be abbreviated to any substring of the word ``geometry'', as long as the substring does not match any of the client's command line options. For example, if the client you are resizing or repositioning does not accept other options that begin with ``g'' or ``geo'', you can specify -geometry with -g or -geo on the command line.

Because the -geometry command line option and the geometry resource variable take the same arguments, see Step 2 in the previous section, ``Specifying geometry for individual users,'' for a more detailed explanation of width, height, xoff, yoff.

You can also use the -xrm command line option to set the geometry resource variable for clients, on a per-session basis. See ``Resource specifications on the command line'' for more information.

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