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Window size and location option

Another common option is -geometry, which is used to specify the size and location of the client's main window. The geometry is specified in the following format:


The width and height values specify the size of the window in pixels. (For scoterm or xterm, you must specify the width and height in terms of columns and rows of text.) These values are optional.

The ±xoff and ±yoff values indicate the position on the grid, in pixels, where the window should be located. These values are also optional.

A positive xoff value indicates the number of pixels that the left side of the window is offset from the left side of the screen. A negative xoff value, on the other hand, specifies the number of pixels that the right edge of the window is offset from the right edge of the screen. Similarly, positive and negative yoff values indicate offsets from the screen edges of the top and bottom edges of the window, respectively.

For example, the following command places a 120-pixel by 120-pixel xclock window in the upper right corner of your screen with a 16-pixel gap between the clock's frame and the screen's top and right edges:

xclock -geometry 120x120-16+16 &

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