Adding SCSI host adapters and peripherals

Adding a SCSI peripheral device

Use the Hardware/Kernel Manager or a mkdev(ADM) command (such as mkdev tape) to inform the system that you have added a peripheral device to the SCSI bus. This updates the system configuration files that are used in building a new kernel to support the new device:

Supply the following information about the device to update the mscsi file:
If the disk is the first peripheral device that you are adding to the SCSI bus, you must also supply some of the following information about the hardware configuration of the host adapter (this information is used to update the file /etc/conf/sdevice.d/xnamex): You are presented with the default values for the first host adapter of this type or the values for the previous host adapter of this type that was configured on the system. If you have changed the values physically set on the host adapter, you must enter these instead of the displayed values.

You are not prompted for configuration values for most EISA and PCI bus host adapters. These are assigned by the EISA or PCI configuration utility into CMOS RAM and read by the device driver at boot time.

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