Connecting to other computers with UUCP

Testing the UUCP connection

To test your UUCP connection:

  1. If you are configuring an outbound UUCP connection, cu must function in order for UUCP to work. Follow the instructions for configuring and testing the modem in ``Adding modems''.

  2. If you are using a Hayes or compatible modem, make sure the volume on the modem is at an appropriate level. You must be able to hear the modem to carry out this test successfully.

  3. Ensure that the Systems file has an entry for the system you intend to call, and that the Devices file has a matching entry for ttynn.

  4. Start the uutry program by entering:

    /usr/lib/uucp/uutry -r -x9 sitename

    NOTE: The output from this test can be found in /tmp/sitename. If you need to call your provider for assistance, it is a good idea to save this output.

    See ``How a UUCP transmission proceeds'' for a discussion of the output from uutry.

  5. Listen carefully to the modem. You should hear each digit as the number is dialed, then hear a high-pitched signal when the other modem connects, followed by silence.

  6. The dialer automatically disconnects any call that it cannot complete. To break out of the shell created by uutry, press <Del> or <BREAK>. This returns control to the terminal while uucico continues to run, sending the output to a file in /tmp with the name of the system called.

  7. If the signal is not present, make certain:

  8. If you do not hear the modem dial, make certain:

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