Reducing the number of multiscreens

Using the system console and non-graphical displays

Reducing the number of multiscreens

The system is configured with 12 multiscreen(M) console screens by default. Although this does not significantly affect performance, you can reduce the number of screens if desired. To configure the system for fewer screens, do the following:

  1. Log in as root and use configure(ADM) or the Hardware/Kernel Manager. Select category 9, ``TTY and console configuration.''

  2. Skip the parameters displayed by pressing <Enter> until you reach the NSCRN parameter. Enter a value corresponding to the number of screens you wish to enable.

  3. Calculate the amount of screen memory in KB (controlled by the SCRNMEM parameter) as follows:

    For 25-line displays: SCRNMEM = 10KB + 4KB* NSCRN

    For 43-line displays: SCRNMEM = 10KB + 8KB * NSCRN

  4. Enter a value for SCRNMEM to match the value you calculated in the previous step.

  5. Exit the configure(ADM) menu by entering ``q'' and pressing <Enter>.

  6. Relink the kernel as described in ``Relinking the kernel''.

  7. Disable the unused multiscreen ttys. For example, if you reconfigured for 5 screens after having 12, you would enter the following command at the system prompt to disable ttys 6 through 12:

    disable tty06 tty07 tty08 tty09 tty10 tty11 tty12

  8. Shut down the system and reboot from the new kernel. Use the System Shutdown Manager or this command:

    shutdown -g0

    You can warn users by replacing 0 with the number of minutes. When the reboot message is displayed, press <Enter> to restart the system.

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