Using the system console and non-graphical displays

Setting the console keyboard type

SCO OpenServer systems support two keyboard modes: AT and XT. By default, the system is configured for use with an XT keyboard. This is because an XT (or other non-AT) keyboard will not work in AT mode. The system will not recognize keyboard input. An AT keyboard will work properly in XT mode, but the extended keyset found on the AT 101 or 102 key keyboard is not accessible. If you have an AT keyboard you can reset the keyboard mode to AT to make full use of the extended keyset. Use the kbmode(ADM) utility is used to test and set the keyboard mode.

CAUTION: Do not change the keyboard type to AT if you are running graphical sessions on the console. The X server does not support it.

Some keyboards have an AT keyboard layout, but do not support AT mode. To test your keyboard to determine if it supports AT mode, invoke kbmode with the test option:

kbmode test

A sample session with kbmode in test mode is shown below, with user input in bold:

   # kbmode test
   Current keyboard mode is XT
   Do you want to determine if your keyboard supports AT mode? y
   During the test the keyboard will be put into AT mode.
   You should then press the space bar two or three times.
   Are you ready to start? y
   Please hit the space bar now!

The keyboard has been returned to its default mode. It supports AT mode. #

The display will be temporary initialized to AT mode.
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