Managing printers and print jobs

Holding and resuming print jobs

In the Print Job Manager, select the job (or jobs) to hold, then select Hold from the Job menu (or click on the Hold button).

The ``Status'' column changes to held to indicate that the job will not be printed until you resume it. You can hold any job that has not already finished printing.

NOTE: If you are not allowed to hold a job (if, for example, the job belongs to another user or the job is already being held), the Hold menu item and button are inactive (dimmed). Unless you are logged in as root or you have lp authorization, you cannot hold and resume jobs belonging to other users. See ``Assigning subsystem authorizations'' for information about lp authorization.

To resume a held print job, select the job to resume, then select Resume from the Job menu (or click the Resume button). The ``Status'' column changes to indicate that the job is no longer being held. The Resume menu item and button are inactive (dimmed) unless you select a job that is being held.

If the job was printing when you held it, it becomes the next job to print when you resume it. Normally the job starts printing from the beginning at page one. To specify that the held job resume printing at a later page, enter the following at the UNIX command line:

lp -i request-id -H resume -P starting-page-

The request-id is the code for the print job in the ``Job ID'' column on the main screen. The final dash (-) is required to print both the starting page and all subsequent pages.

The ability to print a subset of pages requires a filter that supports this feature. The default filter used by the print service does not support this. If the appropriate filter is not installed on the printer, any attempt to resume a print job on a later page will be rejected. See ``Creating and using printer filters''.

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