Managing printers and print jobs

Connecting to remote UNIX system printers

In the Printer Manager:

  1. Select Add Remote from the Printer menu, then select UNIX.

  2. Enter the name of the remote host or click on the Select button to choose from a list of remote hosts.

  3. Enter the name of the remote printer (or printers) or click on the Select button to choose from a list of printers. If the remote system is not running SCOadmin (such as a non-SCO OpenServer system or an older SCO OpenServer system), you cannot use the Select button to select a printer; you must enter the printer name.

  4. If the remote host is an SCO OpenServer system, you can select the Use Extended Remote Printing Protocol button. This allows you to move jobs between printers and enables the lpstat(C) command to display the status of remote printers.

    NOTE: To access printer information on the remote host, you need user equivalence. This means the remote host must recognize the account being used to administer printers on the local machine. See ``Adding user equivalence'' for more information. As on the local machine, non-root accounts require the lp authorization to run the Printer Manager. See ``Assigning subsystem authorizations'' for more information.

    When complete, the new remote printer appears in the list of printers available on the local host.

  5. Make certain the remote host is prepared to accept jobs submitted from the local host. The local host must be listed in the in the /etc/hosts.lpd or /etc/hosts.equiv files on the remote host. The printer on the remote host must also be configured to accept remote jobs as described in ``Accepting or rejecting print jobs''.

NOTE: In addition to the networking components included with your SCO OpenServer distribution, SCO offers two products that provide distributed printing services: SCO Advanced File and Print Server and Samba File and Print Server for SCO OpenServer. These products are included on the Optional Services CD-ROM. See the Optional Services README files for more information.

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