Managing printers and print jobs

Starting and stopping the print services

The print services start automatically each time the system goes into multiuser mode and stops when you bring down the system. Under normal circumstances, you should never have to start or stop the print service manually. (For example, you do not have to stop the print service to change printer configurations or to add forms or filters.) However, you can stop the print service manually without stopping the operating system.

In the Printer Manager, select Print Services from the System menu, then select:

Stopping the print service causes all printing to cease within seconds.

When you start the print service, the printer configurations, forms, and filters that were in effect when you stopped the print service are restored. It might take a minute or two for these printer configurations to be reestablished before any saved print requests start printing. Any print requests that did not finish printing when the scheduler stopped are printed in their entirety when the print service starts.

NOTE: Jobs can appear to pass through a printer that is not online. If a printer is not online or operating properly, you should disable the printer.

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