Administering user accounts

Setting or changing a user password

In the Account Manager, select a user name, then select Change Password from the Users menu.

You have these options:

Enter a new password
allows you to create a new password.

Keep existing password
retains the current password (this option is not available during account creation).

Use machine generated password
allows you to generate a password for the user.

Remove password
deletes the password and allows the user to log in without one.

Force password change at next login
forces users to change their password the next time they log in.

If you are entering a new password, type it in the ``Enter Password'' field (the password is not displayed). You are then switched to the ``Confirm Password'' field to enter it once more.

Use the Generate a password button to create a password for a user. Generated passwords are pronounceable, meaning that they are nonsense words rather than just random strings of letters (for example: juhahiwa). The password is automatically entered in the password fields; click on OK to accept the password, otherwise click on the Generate... button until a satisfactory password is generated.

Users can also generate their own passwords, unless you prevent them from running the generator. See ``Allowing users to generate passwords'' for more information.

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