Administering user accounts

Copying user accounts

Use the ap(ADM) utility to copy user accounts from other SCO OpenServer systems. ap creates a profile containing all account data for one or more users. You need not use ap if NIS is configured.

WARNING: The ap utility does not create profiles that are portable to non-SCO OpenServer systems. If you need to migrate UNIX accounts from a different vendor or from an SCO® XENIX® system, use the addxusers(ADM) utility described in ``Copying user accounts from SCO XENIX or non-SCO OpenServer systems''.

Account information is gathered from the /etc/passwd file and the Protected Password database. Irrelevant information about the user (including unsuccessful logins, unsuccessful password changes, and the location and time of last login) is not included in the profile.

To create a profile and install it on another machine:

  1. Log in as root and enter this command on the machine where the accounts reside:

    ap -d -v usernames > profile.acct

    where usernames is the list of one or more user names.

  2. Log in as root and move the profile.acct file to the target machine (use tar, or cp if your machine is on a network).

  3. Enter this command:

    ap -r -f profile.acct usernames

    The new account information is in place and ready for use.

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