Administering virtual disks

Modifying virtual disks

To change virtual disk type, pieces, or size: in the Virtual Disk Manager, select Modify from the Disk menu, then select the appropriate item from the submenu.

If you want to migrate all your data to new pieces, the virtual disk type migrated to can be of any type (with the exception of RAID 10 and RAID 53). If all or some of the disk pieces in the new configuration are being used in the current configuration, certain migration paths are not supported.

Guide for migrating to new types

  From From From From From
New type Simple RAID 0 RAID 4 RAID 5 mirror
Simple         *
Concatenate *        
Stripe (RAID 0) *   * *  
Mirror (RAID 1) *        
RAID 4 * *   *  
RAID 5 * * *    
The asterisks in the table indicate where conversion from one type to another is possible. In these instances, new pieces are not being used.

NOTE: Although it is possible to dynamically increase the size of a virtual disk, it is not possible to dynamically increase the size of a filesystem on the virtual disk. To increase the size of a filesystem, see ``Creating filesystems on virtual disks''.

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