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39. FAQ Linux-PostgreSQL - Runtime Problems

39.1 I get an error reporting _fUnKy_POSTPORT_sTuFf_ undefined when running scripts like createuser

This is a bug in V1.06-V1.07 of Postgres and is fixed in V1.08 and above.

39.2 I run postmaster and after that system says 'Bad system call(Core dumped)'

This indicates that you have not compiled shared memory support into your kernel. You need to recompile the Linux kernel to add this feature.

39.3 When I try to start the Postmaster, why do I get an error of the form Failed Assertion("!(file != 0) - (null)", File

Failed Assertion("!(file != 0):(null)", File: "/usr/local/PostgreSQL/src/backend/storage/file/fd.c", Line: 257) !(file != 0) (0) initdb: could not create template database initdb: cleaning up.

Your permissions on the file /dev/null are wrong.

ls -l /dev/null should give you something like:

crw-rw-rw- 1 root wheel 2, 2 Oct 8 18:41 /dev/null

Correct the permissions using:

chmod a+rw /dev/null

39.4 Why doesn't createuser work?

There is a problem with Version 2.5.3 of GNU flex and createuser. Your options are to downgrade flex to V2.5.2, apply a patch to V2.5.3 (supplied in doc/README.flex) or wait for V2.5.4 which will fix the bug.

39.5 Why do I get an error like- IpcMemoryCreate- memKey=155356396 , size=760632 ,

permission=384IpcMemoryCreate: shmget(..., create, ...) failed: Invalid argument

You haven't build IPC support into your Linux kernel. You will have to rebuild the kernel and switch on this option.

39.6 Why does psql fail with- psql- can't load library ''

Psql has been compiled to link dynamically with the libpq library.

To solve this, you should log in as root and edit the file /etc/ Add a single line at the end which gives the name of the PostgreSQL library directory (the lib subdirectory of your PostgreSQL installation) and run /sbin/ldconfig

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