pppstack -- PPP stack configuration file


device_name driver:dname module:id:mname, [module:id:mname] ...


The /etc/pppstack file contains driver and module information for third-party smart asynchronous serial port devices. Each entry in the file contains the absolute pathname of the device, the name of the device driver and the name(s) of the corresponding modules. If the /etc/pppstack file does not exist, the PPP daemon (see pppd(ADMN)) configures the default PPP stack.

The first field (device_name) is the absolute pathname of the device node that the PPP daemon accesses to complete the PPP stack. Only one device node for nodes of the same major number needs to be present in /etc/pppstack (this is because only one driver controls devices which have the same major number).

The data item for the device driver begins with the literal driver: followed by the name of the driver's control device node. Since the PPP daemon opens the driver using the open(S) system call, the absolute path of this file must be specified. Items for modules required by the device begin with the literal module: followed by the module's sequence number (id).

When configuring the PPP stack, the PPP daemon first opens the driver (dname) and then pushes the module (mname) with the lowest id number above dname. pppd then pushes the module with the next highest id number. The PPP daemon places the module with the highest id number just below the PPP driver.

The data items in each entry should be separated by a space or a single tab. Each entry can contain up to 2048 characters. Each line starting with a ``#'' in the first column is considered to be a comment line. An entry may be extended over more than one line by using ``\'' to escape the newline character.


Sample /etc/pppstack file:
   # configuration information for third-party PPP stack
   /dev/epca  driver:/dev/xx  module:0:shim  module:1:vasyh



See also

ppp(ADMP), pppd(ADMN)
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