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Running cscope

After cscope has been invoked and the cross-reference information processed, the cscope task menu appears on the screen:

   cscope 		Press the ? key for help

List references to this C symbol: Edit this function or #define: List functions called by this function: List functions calling this function: List lines containing this text string: Change this text string: List file names containing this text string:

Press the <Tab> or <Return> key to move the cursor down the screen (with wraparound at the bottom of the display), and <Ctrl>p to move the cursor up. Once the cursor is at the desired input field, enter the text to be searched, and press the <Return> key.

The following single-key commands are available at any time during a cscope session.

Menu manipulation commands

<Tab> move to next input field
<Return> move to next input field
<Ctrl>m move to next input field
<Ctrl>p move to previous input field
. search with the last text typed
<Ctrl>r rebuild the cross-reference
! start an interactive shell
(type <Ctrl>d to return to cscope)
<Ctrl>l redraw the screen
? display list of commands
<Ctrl>d exit cscope

NOTE: To type control characters such as <Ctrl>p hold down the <Ctrl> key and press the letter shown.

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