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Additional information about get

As shown in the previous example, get retrieves the latest version of the file s.lang. This is accomplished by starting with the original version and successively applying the changes (deltas) in order until all have been applied. If the get command is issued now, it retrieves version 1.2 of the file s.lang. Any of the following invocations of get produces the same result:

get s.lang
get -r1 s.lang
get -r1.2 s.lang

The numbers following the -r are SIDs. When the level number of the SID (get -r s.lang) is omitted, the default is the highest level number existing within that specific release. The second command (get -r1 s.lang) requests the retrieval of the latest version of release 1. The third command specifically requests the retrieval of a particular version, release 1 level 2.

Whenever a significant change is made to a file, the usual identification method is to increase the release number (the first number of the SID). Because normal automatic numbering of deltas proceeds by incrementing the level number, the user must explicitly instruct SCCS to increment the release number. This is accomplished as follows:

get -e -r2 s.lang

Release 2 does not exist, so get retrieves the latest version before release 2. The get command also interprets this as a request to change the release number of the new delta to 2, thereby naming it 2.1 rather than 1.3. The output that follows indicates that version 1.2 has been retrieved, and 2.1 is the new delta version that will be created.

   new delta 2.1
   7 lines
If the file is now edited (for example, by deleting COBOL from the list of languages) and delta is executed:

delta s.lang
comments? deleted COBOL from the list of languages

Then the delta's output is:

   0 inserted
   1 deleted
   6 unchanged
Deltas can now be created in release 2 (deltas 2.2, 2.3, and so on), or another new release can be created in a similar manner.

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