Source code control system (SCCS)

Retrieving a file by means of get

Using the get command, retrieve the file s.lang:

get s.lang

The output of the get command is:

   5 lines
This indicates that get has retrieved version 1.1 of the file, which is made up of five lines of text.

The retrieved file has been placed in a new file known as a `g-file'. SCCS forms the name of the g-file by deleting the prefix s. from the name of the SCCS file. Thus, the original lang file has been recreated.

An ls(C) command lists both lang and s.lang files in the directory. SCCS retains s.lang for other uses.

The get s.lang command creates lang as read-only, keeping no information regarding its creation. When a file is retrieved in the above manner, it cannot be edited. If changes are to be made to the file, use the get -e command as follows:

get -e s.lang

The get -e command causes SCCS to create lang for editing. It also places pertinent information about lang in another new file, called the `p-file' (p.lang, in this case), which is needed later by the delta(CP) command.

The get -e command prints additional status information including a message informing the user that a first delta has been created for this file. The SID is included in the get -e output:

   new delta  1.2
   5 lines

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