ELF object files

Segment permissions

A program to be loaded by the system must have at least one loadable segment (although this is not required by the file format). When the system creates loadable segments' memory images, it gives access permissions as specified in the p_flags member. All bits included in the PF_MASKPROC mask are reserved for processor-specific semantics.

Segment flag bits, p_flags

Name Value Meaning
PF_X 0x1 Execute
PF_W 0x2 Write
PF_R 0x4 Read
PF_MASKPROC 0xf0000000 Unspecified
If a permission bit is 0, that type of access is denied. Actual memory permissions depend on the memory management unit, which may vary from one system to another. Although all flag combinations are valid, the system may grant more access than requested. However, a segment will never have write permission unless it is specified explicitly. The following table shows both the exact flag interpretation and the allowable flag interpretation.

Segment permissions

Flags Value Exact Allowable
none 0 All access denied All access denied
PF_X 1 Execute only Read, execute
PF_W 2 Write only Read, write, execute
PF_W+PF_X 3 Write, execute Read, write, execute
PF_R 4 Read only Read, execute
PF_R+PF_X 5 Read, execute Read, execute
PF_R+PF_W 6 Read, write Read, write, execute
PF_R+PF_W+PF_X 7 Read, write, execute Read, write, execute
For example, typical text segments have read and execute -- but not write -- permissions. Data segments normally have read, write, and execute permissions.

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