About this book

About this book

Developer's Topics contains technical papers on topics relevant to programmers. Many of these papers include extensive examples that illustrate SCO OpenServer features added to the porting base. These topics are not well-covered in most industry-standard books, and require more information than can be incorporated in the Programmer's Reference Manual.

The papers included are:

``Floating point operations'' discusses hardware and software issues associated with floating point operations.

``Complying with standard C'' discusses proper coding methodologies associated with producing ANSI-compliant C code.

``Constructing and using message catalogs'' discusses how to internationalize software using message catalogs. Included is an annotated example of constructing and using a simple message table within code.

``Using trusted facilities'' provides three annotated examples of applications coded to run under the trusted facility software.

``Using the event manager API'' discusses how to use the event manager API to handle devices such as mice within curses-based applications.

``Job control under ksh'' discusses how to implement job control under the Korn Shell. This chapter includes an annotated example of a curses(S) application coded for job control.

``Common Object File Format (COFF)'' defines the Common Object File Format and highlights issues associated with COFF binaries.

``ELF object files'' defines the Extended Linker Format (ELF) and highlights issues associated with ELF binaries.

``Enhanced asm facility'' discusses the enhanced asm facility available with the SCO OpenServer Development System.

``Mapfile option'' discusses mapfiles used by the linker to control memory allocation.

``Integrating applications into the Desktop'' describes how to integrate applications into the Open Desktop environment.

``Custom Distribution Mastering Toolkit'' discusses use of the Custom Distribution Mastering Toolkit (CDMT) and how to create software installable with the custom utility.

``Packaging your software applications'' discusses how to use the UnixWare 7 style packaging utilities that are supported for SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.6 and later releases. These tools are an alternative to the CDMT and custom facilities. Software that installs on both SCO OpenServer and UnixWare 7 should be packaged using these packaging tools; software that installs only on SCO OpenServer should be packaged using the CDMT tools that are described in ``Custom Distribution Mastering Toolkit''.

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