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 13.6 Changed Macro Writing
 When defining your own macros, you should now use `AC_DEFUN' instead of
 `define'.  `AC_DEFUN' automatically calls `AC_PROVIDE' and ensures that
 macros called via `AC_REQUIRE' do not interrupt other macros, to
 prevent nested `checking...' messages on the screen.  There's no actual
 harm in continuing to use the older way, but it's less convenient and
 attractive.   Macro Definitions.
    You probably looked at the macros that came with Autoconf as a guide
 for how to do things.  It would be a good idea to take a look at the new
 versions of them, as the style is somewhat improved and they take
 advantage of some new features.
    If you were doing tricky things with undocumented Autoconf internals
 (macros, variables, diversions), check whether you need to change
 anything to account for changes that have been made.  Perhaps you can
 even use an officially supported technique in version 2 instead of
 kludging.  Or perhaps not.
    To speed up your locally written feature tests, add caching to them.
 See whether any of your tests are of general enough usefulness to
 encapsulate into macros that you can share.
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