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 13 Upgrading From Version 1
 Autoconf version 2 is mostly backward compatible with version 1.
 However, it introduces better ways to do some things, and doesn't
 support some of the ugly things in version 1.  So, depending on how
 sophisticated your `' files are, you might have to do some
 manual work in order to upgrade to version 2.  This chapter points out
 some problems to watch for when upgrading.  Also, perhaps your
 `configure' scripts could benefit from some of the new features in
 version 2; the changes are summarized in the file `NEWS' in the
 Autoconf distribution.
    First, make sure you have GNU `m4' version 1.1 or higher installed,
 preferably 1.3 or higher.  Versions before 1.1 have bugs that prevent
 them from working with Autoconf version 2.  Versions 1.3 and later are
 much faster than earlier versions, because as of version 1.3, GNU `m4'
 has a more efficient implementation of diversions and can freeze its
 internal state in a file that it can read back quickly.


* Changed File Names          Files you might rename.
* Changed Makefiles           New things to put in `'.
* Changed Macros              Macro calls you might replace.
* Invoking autoupdate         Replacing old macro names in `'.
* Changed Results             Changes in how to check test results.
* Changed Macro Writing       Better ways to write your own macros.
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