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 13.4 Using `autoupdate' to Modernize `configure'
 The `autoupdate' program updates a `' file that calls
 Autoconf macros by their old names to use the current macro names.  In
 version 2 of Autoconf, most of the macros were renamed to use a more
 uniform and descriptive naming scheme.   Macro Names, for a
 description of the new scheme.  Although the old names still work
 ( Old Macro Names, for a list of the old macro names and the
 corresponding new names), you can make your `' files more
 readable and make it easier to use the current Autoconf documentation
 if you update them to use the new macro names.
    If given no arguments, `autoupdate' updates `', backing
 up the original version with the suffix `~' (or the value of the
 environment variable `SIMPLE_BACKUP_SUFFIX', if that is set).  If you
 give `autoupdate' an argument, it reads that file instead of
 `' and writes the updated file to the standard output.
 `autoupdate' accepts the following options:
      Print a summary of the command line options and exit.
 `-m DIR'
      Look for the Autoconf macro files in directory DIR instead of the
      default installation directory.  You can also set the `AC_MACRODIR'
      environment variable to a directory; this option overrides the
      environment variable.
      Print the version number of `autoupdate' and exit.
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