Changing colors

Creating a new system-wide palette

You can add new palettes to your system that all users can access. Unfortunately, system administrators cannot use the scocolor client to create system-wide palettes. The scocolor application always stores new palettes in .odtpref/ScoColor, in the user's home directory. If you run scocolor as root, palettes you create are stored in the .odtpref directory in /, not in the system-wide palettes file. Because of this, you need to merge palettes you create into the system-wide palettes file, after you are finished using scocolor.

To create a new palette that all users can select through the scocolor client, perform the following steps. You must be logged onto the system as root to perform this task.

To create a new palette that all users can access through scocolor:

  1. Run the scocolor client and create the new palette.

  2. Append the new palette, located in /.odtpref/ScoColor, to the system-wide palette file, /usr/lib/X11/sco/ScoColor/palettes, by entering the following command:

    cat /.odtpref/ScoColor >> /usr/lib/X11/sco/ScoColor/palettes

Step 1: Creating the new palette

To create a new palette, first run the scocolor client. From the scocolor window, click on the Add palette button. You are prompted to supply a name for the new palette.

The new palette inherits the colors of the current palette. If you want to build a new palette using an existing palette as a baseline, select that palette before clicking on Add palette.

Apply the desired colors to the eight palette buttons. When you finish creating the palette, click on OK and then exit scocolor.

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Step 2: Adding the new palette

When you create a palette as root, the palette definition is stored in a file called ScoColor, in the /.odtpref subdirectory. To make the new palette available to all users, you need to incorporate the palette definition into the system-wide palette file, palettes, located in /usr/lib/X11/sco/ScoColor.

Enter the following command to add the new palette definition to the end of the palettes file:

cat /.odtpref/ScoColor >> /usr/lib/X11/sco/ScoColor/palettes

After you append the new palette, it is advisable to edit the palettes file and verify that the format of the file is acceptable. There cannot be any blank lines between palette definitions. Also, if there are additional palette definitions in the /.odtpref/ScoColor file that you do not want other users to access, delete the lines for those palettes from the system-wide file.

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