Changing cursor appearance

Setting scoterm cursors from the command line

You can specify any resource setting on the command line that you would otherwise put into a resource file, including font resources.

To change your pointer cursor from the command line, use the -xrm option when launching scoterm from a scoterm window:

scoterm -xrm 'ScoTerm*pointerShape: cursorname' &

If you specify a font resource from the command line, the pointer cursor font is only set for that instance of scoterm. Subsequent sessions return to the cursor specified in the resource files for scoterm.

NOTE: If you are using scosession and you end your current session with a client that was run from the command line still open on the display, the client is restored when you resume your session. Any command line options that were used to define the client are also restored. In this way, command line options can define client behavior on a more permanent basis.

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Using the -xrm option

The -xrm option allows you to set any resource value, including font specifications, from the command line. You must enter the resource specification as well as the desired font name when using this option. For example, to change the pointer cursor font for scoterm to a double arrow, enter the following at the command line:

scoterm -xrm 'ScoTerm*pointerShape: double_arrow' &

When using the -xrm option, you should be aware of the following:

Resource values specified at the command line only exist for the scoterm session you are invoking. The resource values do not become part of the resource database and the values are not recreated the next time you run scoterm unless you use the -xrm option again.

Note that a font resource specified at the command line does not take effect if a font resource that takes precedence has already been specified. For example, say you loaded a resource file that includes the specification:

   ScoTerm*pointerShape: heart
In this case, the following command line specification would not result in the scoterm client using the star pointer cursor font:

scoterm -xrm '*pointerShape: star' &

Because the ScoTerm*pointerShape designation is more specific, the *pointerShape entry on the command line does not override the font setting in the resource database.

To override the resource database, and get the star pointer cursor, you would need to use a resource equally or more specific than the default setting. For example, the resource ScoTerm*pointerShape would provide the desired pointer cursor change.

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