Desktop resources

Resources for changing default rule files and directories

The following resources define the names and locations of the default rule files. (Refer to ``Customizing the Desktop with rules'' for information on the various types of rule files.) There is also a resource that defines the directories that are searched for bitmap and pixmap files.

NOTE: In general, you should not change the rule file resources unless absolutely necessary.

Rule file resources

Name Class Default value
directoryRuleFile DirectoryRuleFile .xdtdir/ll_TT
userRuleFile UserRuleFile .xdtuserinfo
systemRuleFile SystemRuleFile /usr/lib/X11/IXI/XDesktop/rules/system/xdtsysinfo
pictureDirectory PictureDirectory /usr/lib/X11/IXI/XDesktop/bitmaps/xdt_c_large

All resources listed in ``Rule file resources'' accept a file name or a full pathname for the resource value.

These resources are described in more detail below:

directoryRuleFile (Class: DirectoryRuleFile)
This resource defines the name of the directory rule file. The default value is ``.xdtdir/ll_TT,'' where ll_TT is set to ``en_US.'' If nothing is found, the Desktop then checks for an ``.xdtdirinfo'' file.

pictureDirectory (Class: PictureDirectory)
This resource defines the list of directories that is searched when a picture file with a relative name is specified. You can specify multiple directories with this resource but you must use colons or white space to separate the directories. This list is searched sequentially, so the most frequently accessed directories should be placed at the beginning of the list. The default directories listed in ``Rule file resources'' are searched in the order shown.

systemRuleFile (Class: SystemRuleFile)
This resource defines the name of the system rule file. This resource should only be changed when it is impossible to install the system rule file in its default location. This resource should never be set in a user's .Xdefaults-hostname file. The default value for this resource is ``/usr/lib/X11/IXI/XDesktop/rules/system/xdtsysinfo''.

userRuleFile (Class: UserRuleFile) This resource defines the name of the user rule file. The default value is ``.xdtuserinfo''.

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