Desktop resources

Resources for controlling directory appearance and behavior

The following resources control the appearance and behavior of xdt3 directory windows:

Directory window resources

Name Class Value type Default
directory.menubar Directory.MenuBar menu rule DirMenuBar
directory.enableStatusBar Directory.EnableStatusBar true/false true
directory.statusBarTellFile Directory.StatusBarTellFile true/false true
directory.statusBarTellHidden Directory.StatusBarTellHidden true/false false

NOTE: Directories are constructed from a Dir widget, all with the name directory. directory has the following descendents: These elements may be included in resource specifications to change the bitmap patterns and colors of individual portions of directory windows. For example, to specify the color of the background of directory windows, use the following resource specification:
   XDesktop3*directory*back*background:	resource_value

The resources listed in ``Directory window resources'' are described in more detail below:

directory.menubar (Class: Directory.Menubar)
This resource specifies the menu rule, located in the system rule file, that defines the contents of the Directory menu bar. The default value is ``DirMenuBar.'' See ``Configuring Desktop menus'' for more information on menu rules and Directory menu bars.

directory.enableStatusBar (Class: Dir.EnableStatusBar)
This resource controls whether or not directory windows have status bars. The default value is ``true.''

directory.statusBarTellFile (Class: Directory.StatusBarTellFile)
This resource specifies whether or not to display the number of files that are contained in a directory window. The default value is ``true.''

directory.statusBarTellHidden (Class: Directory.StatusBarTellHidden)
This resource specifies whether or not to display the number of hidden (or dot) files contained in a directory window. The default value is ``false.''

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