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Standard I/O routines

Frequently, one manual page describes several related functions or macros. In ``Standard I/O functions and macros'' the left column contains the name that appears at the top of the manual page; the other names in the same row are related functions or macros described on the same manual page. Programs that use these routines should include the header file stdio.h.

Standard I/O functions and macros

fclose fflush     Close or flush a stream.
ferror feof clearerr fileno Stream status inquiries.
fopen freopen fdopen   Open a stream.
fread fwrite     Input/output.
fseek rewind ftell   Reposition a file pointer in a stream.
getc getchar fgetc getw Get a character or word from a stream.
gets fgets     Get a string from a stream.
popen pclose     Begin or end a pipe to/from a process.
printf fprintf sprintf   Print formatted output.
putc putchar fputc putw Put a character or word on a stream.
puts fputs     Put a string on a stream.
scanf fscanf sscanf   Convert formatted input.
setbuf setvbuf     Assign buffering to a stream.
system       Issue a command through the shell.
tmpfile       Create a temporary file.
tmpnam tempnam     Create a name for a temporary file.
ungetc       Push character back into input stream.
vprintf vfprintf vsprintf   Print formatted output of a varargs argument list.

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