dbXtra and dbxtra

The dbXtra interface

When invoked, dbXtra's interface has a title bar, a pull-down menu bar on the top, sidebar command buttons on the left-hand side, the source window, and the command window below it, as in ``dbXtra interface''.

dbXtra interface

The components of the dbXtra interface are:

title bar
The title bar displays the current debugging mode. [C] or [C++], and the current file and function names.

pull-down menu bar
The menu bar across the top contains several pull-down menus. These are accessed through the mouse, or through the keyboard accelerator sequence for the menu (simultaneously press the <Alt> key and the uppercase letter in the menu name). Each menu contains a logical group of buttons performing related operations. For further discussion of each menu and the command line operations performed, see ``dbXtra and dbxtra commands''.

\f9File \f9Events \f9eXecute \f9Source \f9Info \f9Options \f9Help
Write Configuration File Events Run Browse file Show C/C++  
Exit dbXtra Call Rerun Source Path Where Preferences  
When Continue Search Display Environment  
Stop Skip Function Assign Fork  
Trace Next dbXref Which Trace  
Interrupt Step Up Print    
Catch Goto Down Xref    
Ignore Jump   Variables    
Dbxtra Return   Registers    
  Instruction   Memory    

sidebar buttons
The sidebar buttons on the left-hand side provide a quick entry point for frequently-used command buttons in the Events and eXecute pull-down menus.

source window
The source window shows the current position in the current file. This is a read-only view of the file; the program cannot be modified or edited. The current line numbers and breakpoint status are displayed to the left of the source window. The current execution point is indicated by an arrow [->]. Breakpoints (or other events) are indicated by an [S] at the appropriate lines.

Associated with the source window is a pop-up menu that appears when mouse button 3 is pressed. The menu items provide a second entry point for frequently-used command buttons in the Source and Info pull-down menus.

command window
The command window provides direct access to the complexities of the underlying debugger. Output from most debugger commands appear in this window and any dbxtra command can be entered from this window.

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