Integrating applications into the Desktop

Graphical interface standards and libraries

If your UNIX® application has a graphical interface, it must be able to run in an X Window System environment. The interface should be Motif-compliant, as defined by the OSF/Motif Style Guide (Revision 1.1).

It is possible to substantially reduce memory usage by using the X dynamically linked libraries. To take advantage of these performance improvements, use the -b elf option when you link your application to the libraries listed in ``Libraries to link with''. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for further information about X11R5 and Motif 1.2 performance improvements. Refer to the next section ``Backward compatibility'' for information about running new binaries on previous or later versions of SCO OpenServer systems.

Libraries to link with

Library Contains:
Xt Xt intrinsics
Xm Motif routines
X11 X Window (Version 11) routines
Xmu X miscellaneous utilities
malloc faster version of memory allocation routines
socket socket interface routines
Refer to ``C compilation system'' for more information about standard COFF libraries, also known as archive libraries, and ELF dynamically linked libraries. For detailed information about shared libraries, see ``Shared libraries''. Refer to the Getting Started Guide for specific information about linking these libraries.

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