Custom Distribution Mastering Toolkit


During the ATTACH phase, custom creates and initializes the per-client portion of the SSO, the /var/opt portion of the SSO. ATTACH copies the non-shared files and establishes the client contents database. The software management tools use the database to track, checksum, and perform other per-client file management.

The ATTACH phase is always executed once per client, whether the client is the local system, a diskless client, or a dataless client.

Once the ATTACH phase is complete, applications which do not require configuration into a system service (such as the link kit), should be capable of running.

NOTE: custom sets the PATH variable to the /ibin directory. Any search invocations outside /ibin or the SSO itself are not possible until the external links are created during the EXPORT phase.

However, the ccs should perform all internal configuration (configuration that can be accomplished by manipulating files within the SSO or, in the case of an upgrade, using configuration parameters from the previous version.

pre step
ccs PRE_ATTACH keyword list package list

The ccs checks for version compatibility. If it is not valid to install the component on the client, the ccs should return an exit code of 1 (FAIL).

system step
The software management tools copy the non-shared files into the /var/opt area of the SSO.

post step
ccs POST_ATTACH keyword list package list

If either the OLD_CUSTOM_UPGRADE or UPGRADE keyword is specified, the ccs should merge old configuration data from the $CCS_PERSISTENT_STORAGE directory into the new files.

Once the data has been restored, the ccs should perform any specified configuration using parameters gathered from the cqs. Only files in the /var/opt area can be modified.

During the UNATTACH phase, the ccs removes the /var/opt portion of the SSO.

pre step
ccs PRE_UNATTACH keyword list package list

system step
The ccs removes the /var/opt portion of the SSO. This action removes any specific component configuration and leaves the client as if the component had never been installed.

post step
ccs POST_UNATTACH keyword list package list

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