Custom Distribution Mastering Toolkit

LOAD and UNLOAD phases

During the LOAD phase, custom(ADM) transfers all the selected packages from the source media to the target media, in preparation for installing the local system, diskless clients of the local system, or remote systems across the network. LOAD creates the /opt portion of the SSO.

NOTE: You can legally load a component onto a system on which the component cannot run; for example, the administrator might want to load the component on a server and ATTACH it to network clients without attaching it to the server.

pre step
ccs PRE_LOAD keyword list package list

Only the files in the SharedControl package of the component are loaded on the target.

system step
If disk space is at a premium, custom might execute the remove procedure for the old component. custom moves the files from the distribution media to the SSO on the hard disk.

post step
ccs POST_LOAD keyword list package list

During the UNLOAD phase, custom(ADM) removes the /opt portion of the component's SSO.

pre step
ccs PRE_UNLOAD keyword list package list

system step
custom removes /opt.

post step
ccs POST_UNLOAD keyword list package list

The only files that remain after a full removal are the files in the component's control package (the files in the SSOroot/cntl directory).

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